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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, 1/19

I know John is doing a good job of sending daily updates with our position report, but I thought I'd try and send a note every other day or so to let everyone know that I'm also doing well. What started out as a pleasant sail has turned into an on the wind beat, but nothing we haven't done before. Unfortunately the waves have started splashing over the boat every once in awhile. Just often enough so that you don't want to stand out there for too long and end up getting used for target practice!

We had one period of off the wind sailing which was enough to get Ziggy out of bed and wanting to play. It's been too bouncy and wet to let him out into the cockpit, so I imagine he's going a little stir crazy already. He lies awake all night listening for flying fish (we've seen very few), and has taken to wanting to play when all we want to do is sleep or cat-nap (depending on who's off/on watch). He's back to eating his canned food well, and I water down a small amount of kibble to get some liquids in him since he's not drinking out of his bowl yet (I think he knows he'll probably do a face plant in the water).

I think the biggest difference in this passage has been the wind. Instead of something fairly predictable and constant, these winds are variable and shifty. Thank goodness for the wind vane which is able to keep up with all the changes - the auto pilot would be next to useless in these conditions.

I finished Eric Clapton's boring auto-biography which was a dry account of his life in which he acknowledges everyone he's ever known (as if to get their name in print is some kind of honor; it probably is, but it makes for uninteresting reading). Then I whizzed through A Thousand Splendid Suns by the author of The Kite Runner. Had to skip through most of a book that I chose for it's Oregon setting after I discovered that I'd inadvertently picked up a story about a guy who spends the weekend with the holy trinity! I guess I should have known better when none of the recommendations on the covers were from the normal print media. Finally I was rewarded by On Green Dolphin Street by Sebastian Faulks. This was a gorgeous, but heart breaking story about a love affair and so much more. Highly recommend it for a good, though devastating, read.

And so the days and nights pass, and we slog on as best we can.

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