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Friday, January 28, 2011

HI to MX Day 15

Well I got the alternator working, if not charging then at least not draining the batteries while we're motoring. Which is a good thin considering we've been motoring 15 of the last 24 hours. The regulators are still out of commission, but I managed to get the alternator to trickle charge by wiring two 15 watt 12 VDC incandescent light bulbs in series. 12 V is attached on one side and the alternator field terminal on the other. The lights light dimly and the alternator charges at about 5 amps. It's no three stage charger but it's better then nothing and now the engine room has a nice cozy night-light.

The wind is forecast to be light the next couple days and then we may finally reach the eastern edge of the pacific high where we'll get some North-ish winds to be able to head South.

The water temperature continues to drop, 65 degrees today, but because the humidity has returned it doesn't seem so cold.

We ate the last of the oranges from Robert and Kelita on Freedom yesterday. We have a few store bought oranges but I'm not holding out that they will be as sweet or juicy as the ones from R&K.

{GMST}30|40|N|137|00|W|Hawaii to Mexico Day 15|Day 15{GEND}