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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday, 1/15

I know John's written a couple of blogs already but I thought I'd chime in with a short one to say how much I'm enjoying this passage so far. If we can keep up this slow but steady progress, I'll be happy. Most of the time we can stand out in the cockpit without getting sprayed which is the best part.

We're eating well thanks in part to Robert and Kelita on Freedom. They gave us a generous supply of lemons and oranges so we won't be getting scurvy anytime soon. They also gave us a couple of huge avocados and a bag of hand shelled and slightly toasted macadamia nuts straight from the tree. They have a friend with a farm in Hilo, so it's all good local stuff - not imported. We also picked up some delicious apple bananas and a few papayas from the local farmer's market. None of this will last the whole way, but we're enjoying it while we can. Thanks again you guys!

Ziggy is pretty much parked in the corner of the port settee since we're on starboard tack. Last night he took advantage of John cat-napping on watch and went out on deck to get a flying fish. Of course he brought it down below to the galley to eat. By the time John realized what had happened, all that was left were two big wings! Needless to say Ziggy didn't touch the breakfast I offered him this morning.

We're sticking with a conservative sail plan: reefed main, reefed jib, and staysail. This way we don't go much over five knots in the blustery bits, and are mostly in the four knot area. Slow but John doesn't have to reef and unreef. The Cape Horn wind vane is doing all the steering so far which has been nice. Yesterday was clear and sunny, but today has been mostly cloudy with some misting rain. We saw another ship today on the AIS, but never had a visual from seven miles away in the clouds.

Thanks again to Ed and Nila on Quixotic for hauling us all around Hilo!