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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Diverting to Hilo

We spent a few days in Lahaina taking care of final business like provisioning, and topping off fuel and water. After a wonderful send off by family friends, we departed for Mexico in the wee hours of Saturday morning (to avoid leaving on a Friday which is bad luck for a sailor). We spent most of the day getting around the north end of Maui, when John realized some pain he's been experiencing had returned. Rather than continue on, hoping that it would go away, we decided to divert to Hilo so he can see a specialist this time.

It's a bummer to have to waste this good weather window on pesky things like minor medical issues. But we've decided John needs to get whatever's going on with him resolved once and for all before we can set out on any major passage. Not sure how long we'll be delayed in Hilo or where we'll go from there, so stayed tuned.