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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, 1/30

Today is windless with the winter sun barely warming us in a breeze of our own creation. A storm petrel flits across our bow. Looking down over the side of the boat I see streaks of bleached indigo where the sun's rays dive into the deep of a glassy calm. A heavy looking white-bodied albatross glides over the contours of the swells like an ultra-light. Is it the rare short-tailed albatross or a more common Laysan? If I get another chance, I'll have to look more closely to see if the white extends over the back of the body making it the former. Later in the afternoon I surprise a pair of black-footed albatross as I come out into the cockpit. They are close enough for me to make out the white patch at the base of their beaks on an otherwise wholly black body. It seems as if the albatross only come in close to the boat when there's no one on deck, making it difficult to get a good identification.

We are drinking tea and hot chocolate on a regular basis now. Enjoying the restful calm, but anxious to turn off the deafening engine and begin sailing to warmer latitudes!