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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, 1/21

The big news today (besides the change to port tack which John has covered) is how cold it is. The sea surface temperature dropped to a low of 70 degrees the other day and has come back up to 71-ish. But for some reason this is the first day that I got up at Noon from my morning off watch and really felt the cold. I actually had to give up my daytime outfit of a wife beater undershirt with underpants (apologies for that visual), and put on a T-shirt with a pair of ancient, baggy, cotton pajama bottoms. What could possibly be next - socks?! Ugh, I didn't go cruising to wear shoes and socks. (Although I have to admit, it's kind of nice not to be dripping sweat on a passage for a change...)

Ziggy's bed got moved to the opposite settee when we changed tacks. He's curled up in a ball with his front paws tucked under his chin and his nose is buried in the tip of his tail. He's very frisky, wanting to play at night, but Teresa, I doubt he'll ever get cold enough to try sleeping with us!

I squeezed the last of our gorgeous Hilo lemons yesterday for lemonade. I hate to see them gone, but it's getting to be time for tea and hot chocolate instead. I also decided to try freezing some of the macadamia nuts to save them for baking some day after we make landfall. We still have a few of the oranges left, but I ate the last gigantic (Haas?) avocado yesterday. Thanks so much again, Robert and Kelita!

We had a very nice sail yesterday afternoon and last night, and today isn't too bad even though it's not exactly the direction we want to be headed.