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Thursday, January 27, 2011

HI to MX Day 14

We had a really nice day yesterday with a 15 knot breeze just aft of the beam and flat seas. I left all sail up well into the afternoon and by the time we pulled down the first reef we were going an average of 6.8 kts. Early this morning the wind backed off a bit and shifted more aft, so I had to put out the whisker pole and drop the staysail. We slowed a little but are still moving along very well.

We crossed the half way point yesterday, not half way between Hawaii and Mexico, but half way between Hawaii and California. I knew this part of the trip was going to be hard, we're a short 10 days sail away from any number of wonderful places to stop (San Francisco, Halfmoon Bay, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, Longbeach, San Diago ...) so the urge to stop and rest is pretty strong. But our plan is to keep sailing another 3 or more weeks all the way down to the Mexican mainland. The thing that will keep us going is the realization that if we stop we still have to make all those miles to get to Mexico anyway. So we might as well stay at sea and get to our destination, especially now that we have the wind at our backs!

{GMST}29|57|N|139|00|W|Hawaii to Mexico Day 14|Day 14{GEND}