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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

HI to MX Day 19

Wind! and wet, unfortunately. But in any case it looks like the Pacific High has finally released us and we are on our way. We're not sailing off the wind exactly, but we're not hard on the wind either.

Linda noted that there was some water in the fuel. I think it came from the fuel we got at the fuel dock in the Alawai. So note well our friends in HI, make sure to use a water trap if you get fuel there, or better yet, get your fuel via jerry jugs from the gas station. (strangely enough fuel from the gas station is cheaper then the fuel dock. This is strange because the fuel dock fuel is 'off road use' only and is died red. This means it has no road tax on it, so should be cheaper.)

1600 miles left to go to SolCasa!

{GMST}31|13|N|129|05|W|Hawaii to Mexico Day 19|Day 19{GEND}