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Thursday, February 10, 2011

HI to MX Day 28b

We continue to have light winds and had to motor 6 hour yesterday. It seems like the wind comes up a little more at night and we can make good progress with the big poled out to port and the drifter set in the second furler track to starboard (twin head-sails). The main is just in the way with this sail configuration so I just set it with a deep reef to keep it from blanketing the drifter.

Yesterday while motoring, our trusty Yanmar 3QM30 diesel engine ticked over 5000 hours. That's the equivalent of 225,000 miles in a car. A lot of other Hans Christian owners have replaced this motor with newer models, but we're keeping ours until it fails to start at least once. To date it's never given us any major problems (not counting the transmission :-)

It's looking more and more like we'll have to stop in Cabo San Lucas for fuel. We don't really want to as it will be expensive (the marina there is outrageously expensive) but it may not be avoidable if the wind doesn't fill in the next couple of days. Right now we have just enough fuel to motor all the way to Cabo but that's it...

The bread turned out pretty good the other day. This was a new method, where I just mix the ingredients and kneed it a little then place it in the refrigerator in a zip-lock bag over night. The next morning I take it out, kneed a little more then put it in a loaf pan to rise. Once it's risen enough (about three hours) I pop it in the oven and bake. The loaf was much smoother then normal and it rose very well. Also because there was not as much kneeding it was a much cleaner way to bake bread. The only downside is that a gallon zip-lock only holds enough dough for one loaf, so we're going thru it pretty fast. I guess I'll have to make a loaf every other day or so to keep up.

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