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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

HI to MX Day 27

John was a little loopy yesterday and read the day of the week as Thu instead of Tu. So we're back to the counting the days correctly today. I'm counting from January 13 at 4:15 PM local Hawaii time, which means today isn't day 27 until 2:15 PM PST. Confused? Half the time, so are we...

The other half of the time we're wishing for more wind! Had to turn the engine on after lunch today for some more motoring in no wind. We really don't want to waste time making a stop just for fuel.

We can't decide whether Ziggy would make a better futbol (soccer) goalie or forward. He makes some great blocking jumps and captures when we toss him his favorite toy - a curled up twist tie. But once he has it on the ground he likes to dribble it forward where he passes it into the 12-inch opening underneath our enclosed toilet. Goal! Right into the bilge. His coach then has to get down on all fours to stick her arm as far as it will go in the aft direction of this cramped opening. Invariably when we go fishing for the most recent "ball" we find two more just like it. The sun has come out a bit more since I started doing email and he's snoozing under the dodger right now soaking up some rays.

John made bread this morning, and otherwise we're just going along with our same old routine and chores.

{GMST}24|48|N|116|39|W|Hawaii to Mexico Day 27|Day 27{GEND}