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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

HI to MX Day 28

I'm not sure how it happened, but we got off on our day count somewhere. Today is our 28th day at sea and Linda's birthday as well.

Neptune has given Linda a nice 12 kt breeze out of the NNW and we're running downwind with the big jib polled out to port and a reefed main out to starboard. You'd think with only 12 kts of wind we'd shake out the reef, but the main bangs too much without the reef so we leave it reefed for a quieter boat.

I keep forgetting to give the fresh food report. The other day we had the last of our potatoes (we only had six big ones for baking, but boy were they good). We still have two oranges, half a cabbage, one carrot and 5 onions. Both fishing lines are out now, as we're down to two chicken breasts and a pound of hamburger in the freezer. Today for Linda's B-Day lunch I'm planning to make cruiser pasta (made in one pot, you cook the tomato sauce first, add some water and then cook the pasta in the sauce). We may take showers too.

The weather forecast is for light winds out of the North for the next few days, we're hoping we can keep moving under sail. If we have to motor we'll probably have to stop in Cabo San Lucas for fuel (our projected track takes us within 60 miles of Cabo as it is). We have about 56 hours of motoring time left in the tank and we're expecting to have to use that on the home stretch South of Cabo Corrientes.

{GMST}25|38|N|118|26|W|Hawaii to Mexico Day 28|Day 28{GEND}