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Saturday, February 05, 2011

HI to MX Day 23

Nice sailing these last 24 hrs. The drifter has remained up even though the wind has been up to 15 kts at times. This is a little much for that old sail, but it will never get replaced if it doesn't blow up and it won't blow up if we don't fly it in too much wind :-)

It's still pretty cold, but the guys on the Chubasco net said it's supposed to warm up in Arizona soon so maybe that will come our way as well.

We caught a glimpse of dolphins one day, but mostly we hear their squeaks and clicks through the hull at night. They don't stick around for long; must just be curious about what we are, and then they go back to whatever it is they were doing somewhere else. [Later in the day: The dolphins hung around for an hour off and on this afternoon. Long enough to identify them as Common dolphins.]

A few days ago we got the binoculars out to confirm that the white albatross we were seeing was a Layson and not the rare short-tailed. This one definitely had a dark colored back.

We heard Coast Guard San Diego and Vessel Assist on the VHF for the first time this morning. You can tell it's the weekend because they've been answering a lot of non life threatening calls from pleasure boaters.

Anyway, we're making good progress for now, though it's supposed to die off later today and stay light for several days.

{GMST}28|26|N|122|57|W|Hawaii to Mexico Day 23|Day 23{GEND}