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Thursday, February 03, 2011

HI to MX Day 22

Well we've been hit by a little contrary wind so we've gone back to Port tack for a day or so. That's ok, we'd rather deal with this then have to deal with the gale force winds blowing in the Sea of Cortez and of the Southern coast of Baja California today and tomorrow. We should be back on Starboard tack by midnight tonight and then slowly getting lifted toward the mainland over the next couple of days.

No more fishing for now. I cooked the Albacore tuna last night and it was very nice, but we still have some meat in the freezer and it's possible Customs may confiscate it when we arrive in MX so we're trying to eat it all up before we arrive.

We changed the clocks last night as we are now in the Pacific Time Zone. We also changed our watch schedule so I can check into the Amigo net . Of course Don Anderson had a few deprecating words about our choice of route from Hawaii to Mexico, according to Don it's wiser to beat straight into the trade winds for 2500 miles then to sail one long tack into the Pacific High and then bear off on the opposite tack for the mainland. Frankly, I'm glad we're not bashing into 25 kts of wind right now (and I'm even more glad that we haven't had to do it for the last three weeks as well) even if we have to sail an extra 500 miles on our chosen route. To each his own I guess.

{GMST}29|58|N|125|33|W|Hawaii to Mexico Day 22|Day 22{GEND}