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Monday, April 05, 2010

still making progress

It's pretty rough, so this is short.

The good:
We're making progress along our intended route, about 100 miles a day.
Z doing better, though we're forcing about 10 ml of water into him per day.

The bad:
Broke the windvane (not sure what happened, but it doesn't work anymore) and are having to use the Autopilot. Lots more power down the tube.
Broke the staysail outhaul, staysail now lashed to the staysail boom.
Broke the thru-hull fitting for the holding tank vent. Lots of water into the boat even though this fitting is 3 feet above the water line. Put a plug in it. The vent now vents into the chain locker.
Broke the automatic part of the bildge pump, manual still works.

It's supposed to slack of in the next couple days, that will be fine with all on board.