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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shower day!

It finally calmed down enough for us to take salt water showers out on the side deck today! This has been the longest I've ever gone without taking any kind of full body bath, and it felt great. One of the things I forgot to add to my shopping list for Hawaii was baby wipes (who thinks of those again once you're done with a passage?), and I'm afraid the ones we bought in the Galapagos won't last this trip. But we should be running into lighter winds like the ones we're having today when we get south of the equator.

Forgot to mention that we've seen two ships so far. Well, the first one, on Sunday night, was only visible on the AIS since it was very far away. John saw the second one on Wednesday when the winds were so wild. The AIS has been great, and saves us having to run the radar for the very big ships (which are probably the only vessels we'd run across out here).

Last night was crazy with flying fish and Ziggy was on a tear trying to get one. We've resorted to closing up the companionway when they are coming on board at a fast pace so that he can't get on deck to try catching one. I don't fully understand why cats with UTDs can't eat fish since cats and fish seem to be made for each other, but we're not letting him have any. Since magnesium is the thing we have to avoid in his food, I'll have to assume that fish are high in that.

All is well on board and I'm looking forward to getting back to my Barbara Kingsolver book (Homeland) and maybe a crossword puzzle while John tweaks the sails and then tries to get some sleep. Oh, and it's gotten much warmer in the cabin since we hit 80 degree water temperature a couple of days ago.