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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Drifting in the doldrums

Friday afternoon

We managed to make forward progress until this morning when the wind died again. It's a beautiful landscape with huge rain clouds all around us, the air itself is crystal clear, and the ocean is a glassy deep blue. But it's frustrating to have to waste time waiting for the wind to come up. It's truly a catch-22 because we don't want to run the motor and make the cabin even hotter than it already is, nor do we want to pay the exorbitant price for fuel in Nuku Hiva. So we wait.

And to top things off we are having to brush our teeth the old-fashioned way. Our plug in electric tooth brush just suddenly quit working. We think it may not have liked being charged on our little inverter because its blue charging light blinked rather hysterically over the past months. We looked at new ones in Hawaii but hoped to get one more year out of this one. I dug out our old portables and stuck new batteries in them, but wouldn't you know it they were both DOA as well! Fortunately we happened to have one manual tooth brush still in the bathroom cupboard which we'll share until I can get into a locker for another one that I know is stowed away.

Totally off the subject, but something I keep meaning to mention, is the fact that we found coffee beans and rum to be so much more expensive in Hawaii than we had been used to paying in Mexico and Latin America that those are two important items we decided not to re-stock on Nakia. It was a tough choice but we'll be a dry boat when our cheap Panamanian rum finally runs out! We'll hope to find coffee at a more reasonable price somewhere else along the way and in the meantime we're going to try a can of Kirkland French roast.

While John and I can't seem to drink enough cold water, Ziggy is the best hydrated member of the crew. His meals may look more like soup than cat food but at least he's still peeing like a champ!