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Saturday, April 24, 2010

ARR Nuku Hiva

After our first passage to the Marquesas, from the Galapagos, I remember thinking to myself; 'That really wasn't that hard'. Well now I know what a hard passage is like. Everyday tight reaching or hard on the wind, and when we finally got south of the equator when we were supposed to have lighter winds more on the beam we had heavy winds even further forward then when we were in the northern hemisphere. We actually had to tack several times just to keep some of our Easting.

So here are the stats:
2104 miles made good
21 days, 1 hour
4.16 kts average speed

Broken gear:
Cape Horn Wind vane
Main Steering Cable
Automatic Bilge Pump
Staysail Halyard Chafed almost thru
Staysail Outhaul Parted
2 cabin lights damaged due to leaks
Holding Tank Vent Thru Hull

We're at anchor now, and are cleaning up and preparing for our next 'little hop', 550 miles, to the Tuamotus.