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Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 2, Monday?

I think this is our third day after two nights so it must be Monday. All is well on board and we're sailing which is always the best thing. The first day and night were a bit strenuous as we had islands and shoals to avoid, and John was kept busy tacking. He also got a nice downpour during his early night watch. The wind hasn't been from the direction he was expecting, and we've had to sail hard on what we have, hoping that we tack at the right times. At first we were going east with too much south in it, and now we're going north with relatively less west in it, so we'll have to be happy with that until the forecasted shift occurs.

We're eating well when we feel like it. Ziggy is in passage groove - eat, sleep, sleep, sleep, eat, sleep, etc. He showed signs of wanting a play session this morning but after some wild eyed stabs at it he gave up and fell asleep. We've seen large flying fish during the day, and fortunately none are landing on the boat at night.

No interesting wildlife to report so far. Nice starry skies at night since we have no moon. John saw a fireball of a shooting star last night. Days are sunny with puffy clouds and a little haze by afternoon.

Nice to finally be headed for the equator instead of the Galapagos! Thanks for the emails from friends and family.


1894 miles to go to Hilo