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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 10

After motoring for 14 hours we finally got some wind last night. The sky is still cloudy and there are more squalls now but at least we've turned the corner and are heading directly toward Hilo instead of going North. The North East trade winds are still blowing 25 knots to our North, but that is forecast to ease off on Wednesday (we hope).

It's not a bad ride now, we're broad reaching with the Jib polled out to leeward (turbo jib) in 12-15 knots of East wind.

Pass me a MaiTai, Don.*

1185 miles to go



Don Anderson, the weather man on the Mexico Amigo Net, used to boast about drinking MaiTai's sailing downwind at 7 knots in his Valiant 40 SUMMER PASSAGE.