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Saturday, August 08, 2009

The (French) tribe has spoken

We got booted out of paradise yesterday. When we went in to rinse some laundry at the faucet by the boat ramp the local cop was at the dock. He immediately asked or our passports and when we couldn't produce them (they were on NAKIA) he asked if we'd arrived directly from California or if we'd been to Atuona.

We said we'd come from the Galapagos and that we had not been to Atuona, but that we have visas which we received in Panama. He said arriving in Fatu Hiva without going first to Atuona a was 'no good' and that we needed to leave, now. Linda quickly finished our laundry while I went back to the boat to get a cable which I'd hoped would help the family with the broken computers. I took the cable past the cop to make sure it was ok to take to the family (also to make sure he knew that we're not a total drain on the village) before I walked up the road to try. Unfortunately the cable didn't do the trick, but I handed it over to the girl anyway using my other two words of French; "Por vous" and then high tailing it back to NAKIA so we could set sail for Atuona.

Luckily we had a fast run and arrived just before dark.

Now we get to experience some of the city life in the Marquesas, unfortunately town is a 2.5 mile walk from the anchorage.

John and Linda