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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Day 20

134 nm made good, all sailing. 232 miles to go.

As I said yesterday the wind had gone light and we were sailing with full main and jib. Later yesterday afternoon the wind was even lighter and the mainsail was really banging. I was trying to sleep so I got the bright idea to put up the drifter in its 'double headsail' configuration. This is where there are two headsails set on the furler. It's a great light air downwind rig.

So I got out the sheet for the drifter, the drifter itself, put both reefs back in the main (a full main will blanket the drifter because its set behind the main), rigged the sheet and halyard on the drifter and hoisted it on up. Cool, we're doing 5 knots in less then 10 knots of wind and no more banging. The best thing was it only took 20 minutes to finish everything off.

I went to sleep only to be woken up two and a half hours later by the sound of water flying by outside. The wind was back up and we were going about 6.5 knots. Back out on deck and take down the drifter, then reef the jib. So much for a nice light air finish to this passage...