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Monday, August 03, 2009

At anchor, Fatu Hiva

We dropped anchor this morning in the very scenic Bay of Virgins at the island of Fatu Hiva, Marquesas.

Here are some statistics:

Total distance sailed: 3026
Total distance as routed: 3012
Time: 21 days 23 hours (551 hours)
Average speed 5.49 knots.
Engine hours logged 4 (1.5 motoring, 2.5 charging batteries)
Sea water temperature range: 74.7o F in San Cristobal to 81.3o F in Fatu Hiva
Fish caught: 1, female Dorado

We didn't have any real failures, other then the self-steering line chafing through and some chafe on the jib sheets where the pole rubs on them. The self-steering line hardly counts, considering I've had a replacement line on hand since 2004 and have been waiting for it to fail before I replaced it.

One of my first thoughts this morning as we approached the anchorage: "That really wasn't that hard". I guess now I have something with which to compare other voyages.