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Sunday, June 14, 2009


25 feet of 4" sail repair tape
One piece of sail cloth 10 ft long by 18 inches wide
One pint of contact cement
A little bit of sweat and some bug repellant.

We have a mainsail in one piece again. Now to see if it will hold air and not rip itself to shreds.

We took everything ashore this afternoon and as soon as the last tourists left the island (three boatloads came in about 1100) we started working on the sail. We set everything up on the big tiled floor below the park administration building and it looks like we did a strong, if not pretty, repair. We finished right at dark, and had to walk down to the dinghy carrying the _running_ generator and a work light so we could get back to NAKIA.

Wish us luck!

John and Linda