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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Punta Cocos, Isla del Rey

We spent another couple of days at Pedro Gonzales to visit with friends, Kevin and Georgie of South Moon, and then went off to Espiritu Santo to do some laundry. We had a bit of rain Tuesday evening (eight gallons worth into the tanks), and did laundry at the stream Wednesday morning. We managed to get everything dry and brought in from the clothesline, and John burned garbage on the beach, before the clouds really opened up at 3:15 PM. The weird thing is that these weren't anything like the black evil looking clouds of the day before, and yet they poured and poured rain for an hour until every container we had - buckets, jugs, tanks, mixing bowls - was literally overflowing with water. I was pouring gallons of fresh water into the toilet to give it a nice rinse, there was so much water. The cockpit teak got a nice scrub, and we both had plenty of water for long shower rinses.

Today we moved to the southern end of Isla del Rey. We were originally going into the Rio Cacique anchorage, but the SSW swell changed our minds. It's still a little rolly here and John just put out the rocker stopper, but it will be good for acclimating to the ocean swell again. We've been in too many flat anchorages since leaving Panama City and have lost our sea legs.

Barring any unforeseen adverse weather conditions (like too much local convection) we plan to depart for the Galapagos on Saturday. That will give us 10 days to arrive in the Galapagos by May 25 (and maybe if we arrive on Sunday, the 24th, they won't mind).

Linda and John