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Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 2, Galapagos Passage

0800 Monday, May 18

We ate our last pineapple a week ago today, the last mango on Thursday, the last green pepper on Saturday, and most of the oranges we have left aren't looking very good. I cut up the last watermelon yesterday and we'll eat that today and tomorrow. But we still have some carrots, cabbage, potatoes, and plenty of onions to keep us healthy. John made a vegetable curry over rice for our first night's dinner and last night we had a "stew" of cabbage, onion, diced tomatoes, and sausage. Before we left I hard boiled a dozen eggs and made four sandwiches to have on hand. We have granola bars for breakfast and crackers and cheese for a snack.

You know there's not much wind to sail when you can count the jelly fish going by the boat. The water was mostly glassy yesterday so we could see all the small jelly fish going by in the brilliant green-blue water. That must have been what was attracting all the turtles to the area (see below).

You know there's not much wind to sail when you can take showers on the side deck. Before dinner last night John hooked up a length of hose to the salt water wash down pump in the cockpit and ran it out to the side deck where we normally bathe. So we had plenty of (warm!) salt water to soap up with and rinse off, and he hung the sun shower up for a final fresh water rinse. It felt great, but we're probably not going to be able to do that in any kind of good sailing weather.

24 hour stats for Day 2:

Nautical miles traveled: 91
Surface Water Temp: 82.6 to 87.4 degrees F
11 hours motoring, 13 hours sailing

Yesterday was mostly clear with most of the cloud cover on the horizon. Today is almost all overcast, like it was on Saturday, with a lot of it threatening rain. So far we've kept clear of all the rain and lightning.

We saw seven turtles, one log, a couple of ships, lots of small flying fish, our first masked booby, and some dolphins (at night).

I've added the Yotreps link below which is another way to track our progress.

Linda and John