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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 3, Galapagos Passage

0800 Tuesday, May 19

We're posting this a little late today because I slept all morning. Neither of us got any sleep yesterday with all the rain, so we had to make up for it last night and today. We talked about not doing day watches, but then no one really gets a break. So we're back to our usual watch schedule again:

0700-1200 John
1200-1700 Linda
1700-2100 John
2100-0100 Linda
0100-0400 John
0400-0700 Linda

We vary it by an hour here and there depending on who needs more sleep and/or is sleeping well on their off-watch.

24 Hour Stats For Day 3 (0800-0800)

Miles traveled: 91 nm
Distance made good towards our destination: 64 nm
Surface Water Temp: 83.3 to 83.8 degrees F
9 hours, 35 minutes motoring
14 hours, 25 minutes sailing

Monday was heavily overcast and mostly raining by mid-morning and through the afternoon. This would explain the low sea surface water temps. We lost the fishing gaff overboard momentarily when John was using it to bring up the Cape Horn wind vane paddle. We picked up the gaff, and then noticed that the paddle had come off its mount (but was still tethered to the boat by its safety line). John managed to bring it up to the boat and tied it off until later in the afternoon when it stopped raining long enough to re-attach it. He didn't have to get in the water since he could reach it from the pushpit. Whew!

We saw one ship, one masked booby, and two tropic birds.

Linda and John