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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mazatlan to San Carlos/Guaymas road trip

30 March 2007
Marina Mazatlan

As part of getting ready to leave Mazatlan for another summer in Baja we returned our truck to San Carlos, Sonora yesterday (Thursday). Here are some of the stats for the drive north:

490 miles
9 hours
9 toll road stops
545 pesos in toll fees
340 pesos for one premium gas fill-up on the road (we departed with a full tank, and left it empty in San Carlos)

After dropping the truck for storage with Ed and Dorothy we caught a TAP primera class bus back to Mazatlan that same afternoon:

11 hours
520 pesos per person
70 peso cab ride from the bus terminal back to the marina

Total trip time was about 23 hours, and it's obvious that bus travel is the most cost effective way to travel in Mexico. But having the truck with us for three months in Mazatlan was invaluable for making multiple trips to Home Depot and the industrial park for refit supplies.

We'll spend the next week putting the boat back together for the passage to La Paz. We've had the booms, sails, halyards, and sheets off to get them out of the way of the refit projects and all the condo construction dirt. John's put two coats of paint on the dodger, and we have the dinghy inflated again. It's almost difficult to imagine life on the hook again, and I'm sure we'll go through a bit of marina amenities withdrawal, but we're looking forward to going cruising again!

Linda and John