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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Done with the deck, for now...

As many of you know we've been in Mazatlan for a while (almost three months now). We came here with the plan of having Rick on Cape Starr put non-skid fiberglass panels on our decks after I removed the teak. Rick gave us a quote that made us reevaluate our options (the quote was for $12000).

We decided to try doing the work ourselves. After all, there's nothing to a bad fiberglass job that a grinder can't fix.

So, I started in earnest around the 24th of January. The job included filling the voids left when the teak inserts were removed, fabricating a frame for the new hatch, fiberglassing over the foam core used as a filler, fairing the fiberglass, priming and painting the fiberglass, painting down non-skid and finally re-installing deck hardware.

What do you think, was it worth $12000?

We still have the side decks to do, but we're tired of sitting in the marina and much of the side deck work can be done at anchor (I removed all the teak while we were at anchor). So now that the deck is water tight again we're going to head out and have fun for the summer and work on the boat in a more leisurely pace.