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Friday, May 07, 2010

One more night

Other than losing the use of the Cape Horn again after less than two days of use, the passage has been the usual. Fortunately the auto pilot is a real trooper and doesn't mind pitching in, but it's a bit of a battery hog and we've had to run the generator a couple of times. Today we had to get a reef in the jib in a bit of a hurry when a rain cloud turned out to pack a windy punch and our speed shot up to 7 knots. Was nice to get a fresh water boat wash and John got out there with a wash cloth too. Tonight we will try to get some extra rest to be ready to navigate ourselves between atolls before sunrise. After that it's only another 30 miles to our destination!

No flying fish whatsoever - not even during the daytime - on this trip, and no luck on the fishing lines either. Today I'm pretty sure I saw a frigate bird, so we know land is not too far away!