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Saturday, May 08, 2010

ARR Tahanea

We managed to find Tahanea this morning and get through the pass without any drama. Thanks to the help of a boat that we could see anchored on the other side of the atoll's coral reef (they let us know we wouldn't have any problems with entering on a flood tide).

As soon as we had the anchor down the local welcome wagon pulled up to NAKIA in the form of six black tip reef shark. They puttered around the boat until they were convinced we were not going to clean any fish and then went back to doing their regular shark things.

We'll probably stay here one or two nights and then check out the old village to see if the water cistern is still around. We have a little laundry to do from the passage.

All in all it was a pretty fast run for NAKIA; 545 miles in 91 hours for an average speed of just under 6 knots. Not bad for a 29 foot waterline.

Linda thinks she's in paradise, even with the sharks. Clear water, white sand and all the beach combing you can stand. Pretty nice.

John and Linda (and Z)

(make sure to zoom in on this one)