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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Too windy to leave

We missed the perfect weather window by not leaving last Wed/Thurs but we simply weren't ready to go yet. Now the forecast is for reinforced trade winds this week. At first it looked like they would be backing off by Wednesday and we could leave Thursday but now they may last through Thursday and I don't think John will leave on a Friday (superstition). So we're eating all our passage provisions (eggs, bread, muffins, tortillas, apples, etc.) and I'm going to have to go shopping again. Blech!

We spent a nice day in Waimea with Ralph and Glenda but, after all my hype about Huli Sue's, the meal wasn't as spectacular as my first visit. The food was good, but the BBQ pork sandwich didn't require a knife and fork to eat as it did last time. Maybe the servings are skimpier at lunch time than they are for dinner. It's still a cute little place with great service and reasonable prices though.

I absolutely positively finished the dry goods shopping on Thursday (ha!). John too the early bus in to get internet so he could check the weather, and I went in two buses later which turned out to be the one he was taking back when we arrived downtown. I popped into the KTA grocery store to pick up heavy items like Fuji apples and mayonnaise which were both on sale. Then I caught the next bus headed back to the port (the bus does a continuous loop so it takes about an hour to go around once) where I jumped off with three very heavy bags. I took them as far as the gate and left them with the security guards so that I could turn around and go back out to the bus stop to catch the last morning bus as it came back twenty minutes later. Ran some errands downtown and then caught the 1 PM bus to Walmart and then Safeway for the last of the groceries (bread, bagels, eggs for hard boiling, etc.). Caught the 3:20 bus back to the port and John helped me get everything on the boat. Then he went to the bar to check the weather again while I managed to stow everything away (what a miracle!).

There's a huge area of construction along our bus route past Walmart and Home Depot and I finally asked someone on the bus if they knew what was going in there. I had hoped it would be a Costco but turns out it's going to be a Target and a new Safeway. And they're going to close the existing Safeway which is right next to Macy's in the mall.

Friday was a local holiday so the buses weren't running which gave us a chance to catch our breath, and we made the decision to postpone our departure. We still went into the Saturday Farmer's market to buy five dozen fresh, unrefrigerated eggs (at a whopping $5/dozen, but they're huge) which we covered with Vaseline to help preserve them. The cabbages we bought weren't that great so I may get a couple more and will try wrapping them in newspaper so they don't have to go in the fridge. We need to get a few small plastic bins to better separate our fruits and veggies. Right now we have the potatoes in with the onions which is a no-no, and the citrus will have to be separate from the apples. Ditto for bananas.

We're pretty much alone here in the harbor. There's another cruising boat here. The woman from the boat slipped in the shower and broke her hip shortly after they arrived. Her husband is putting her on a plane to the mainland tomorrow night and will be sailing the boat back as soon as he receives a new mainsail.

In other local news, remember the little trimaran that John went out on Dorothy Marie to help bring into the harbor after their over-long passage from California? Well, after basically abandoning the crew member until he was forced to buy his own plane ticket home, the skipper also appears to have abandoned the boat. We returned to Radio Bay to find the trimaran still here, and the El Toro dinghy still sunk on the bottom tied to a ladder, and the (barely) inflatable dinghy also still tied to another ladder on the wall. The security guards told us the skipper hasn't been back to the boat since we left, and last week the Port slapped a 72-hour notice of seizure on the boat. The weird thing is that John attempted to contact the skipper (who is active on Facebook and My Space and is still obviously in the area) but there was no response.

We'll be happy to be on our way soon!