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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rainy Hilo

Nothing interesting to report but we have another full day today so thought I'd better try to get something out since I'm up early this morning.

In spite of pouring rain Sunday night and into Monday we took the 7:10 Monday AM bus to do laundry - all the bedding, blankets, towels, etc. It stopped raining long enough to get it back to the boat where we ate lunch, watched part of a very slow Ed Norton movie (Down in the Valley), and then went back out to catch the afternoon bus to the mall. John went to Home Depot while I walked to the vet to get the last of Ziggy's kibble and emergency supplies. This was the vet who met us at the boat when we first arrived to issue Z's health certificate for the Hawaii quarantine program. Very nice and always seems to have time to answer all our questions. He has no receptionist or assistants (that I saw) and runs out of an old tiny office, but he's the first guy I'd want to go to besides the woman vet we used for a rabies shot in Kona (she and her assistant really knew how to keep Ziggy from freaking out). We'd never go back to the big place where we had to take Z for his emergency because they were so busy they didn't have time to really sit down and chat with us. They have big banners up now advertising their new Sunday hours, so guess they're raking in the bucks (or trying harder to). Lugged a 10lb bag of kibble back to Walmart where I met up with John to do a little more shopping (including a new engine starting battery) before catching the bus back. Still not raining and the security guard gave us a ride from the gate to the boat in their (not always running) truck which helped enormously with our heavy load (ditto for the laundry).

On Tuesday John went in to town early to get some internet (to check the weather forecasts) while I stayed home to vacuum seal monthly rations of kibble and restow some of the things we'd hastily tossed in storage bins just to clear our living space. John returned and I left to go browse the mall and Ross on my own, picking up 5lbs of dried garbonzo beans at the natural foods store and a(nother) 12-pack of toilet paper at Walmart. So my backpack was stuffed and my hands were full with the addition of two pillows from Ross when I boarded the bus! But that's typical and our outings are limited by what we can carry on our backs and in our hands.

This morning we're catching an early bus to Waimea (Kamuela) to meet Ralph and Glenda to take them out to lunch for all their kindnesses. They are doing us another favor by bringing us the last of the things we would have bought from Costco (cheeses, chicken, and more peanuts!) if we hadn't decided to leave so quickly. We're looking forward to a mouth watering meal of BBQ pulled pork at Huli Sue's.

Oh, and it's another rainy day today in Hilo.


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