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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 13

138 nm made good, all sailing. 1174 miles to go.

A bit rough this morning, maybe 18 kts of wind. We pulled down the second reef again. Pulling down a reef is something which should normally take about 45 seconds but now because I'm so paranoid about tearing the sail again it takes me over five minutes.

We went along with the double reef main and reefed jib until around 1000 when it calmed down a little and I shook the reef our of the jib. It's just amazing what a little extra power will do. One minute we're rolling like crazy. So much so that the weather rail of the cockpit actually scooped up a wave and tossed it around, nearly soaking me (I only had to stand up to avoid the worst, only my shoes got wet). I looked around and noticed it wasn't really blowing that hard so I let out the rest of the jib. We immediately picked up speed and stopped the worst of the rolling. Go figure.

I was a little blue yesterday. One of the boats we've been keeping touch with arrived in Hiva Oa. This was the first boat to make landfall since we'd left Galapagos. Something about knowing that someone else had arrived but we still have almost half way to go got me down. That and I miss our pilot whales.