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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Punta Galera to Tumaco, Colombia

01 degrees 49.148 minutes N
78 degrees 43.764 minutes W

We miscalculated and left Galera too early in the morning yesterday. Even at the relatively relaxed departure time of 8 AM we had such a fast sail that we had to heave to at 3 AM this morning to wait for first light to navigate the entrance channel.

It was another perfect downwind sailing passage though. We probably have had more wind than we think and we must also have at least one or two knots of favorable current. There's usually a short swell and wind waves with white caps and cat's paws on the surface. One or two larger swells roll under us regularly and our beamy double ender waddles over them, waggling her stern like a duck's tail. It's not the most comfortable ride but we've decided it's far preferable to the hobby horse motion of bow and stern when we're pounding to weather.

We saw dolphin and when we went through them and a bird pile of frigates, terns, shearwaters, and boobies John hooked into two 20 lb yellow fin tuna. Since our fridge is small and the freezer is packed with meat he released one and spent about an hour filleting (and then cleaning up the mess from filleting!) a beautiful fish. Dinner that night was delicious.

We dropped anchor with Sarana between the Garda Costa (Coast Guard) pier and the fishing pier, and small planes are landing on the other side of the mangroves. After we check-in to the net this morning we'll go ashore to begin formalities with the Port Captain and Migracion.

Linda and John