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Monday, January 14, 2008

La Cruz, Nayarit

Well, if it's not one thing it's another. We finally made it out of the marina with the engine put back together. Dropped the anchor here off of La Cruz (NW of PV, still in Banderas Bay), turned the SSB radio on to pull up some weather email, and the radio no longer automatically tunes to the chosen station. John checked everything and thinks it might be a bad cable, so now we have one more thing we need to try to get down to us in Mexico before we jump off from Huatulco for Ecuador.
But the good news is that we're out of the marina after three weeks - yay! We'll reaclimate to the rolly seas today (John's putting out the rocker stopper this very minute), take my Stugeron in the morning, and be on our way south tomorrow - double yay! We're not even taking the dinghy off the foredeck while we're here. Ziggy slept through the whole seven miles here and hasn't even been on deck yet to survey his new surroundings (it's just after 4 PM CST). This morning we lifted the dinghy onto the dock to scrub the barnacles off the bottom. Wish we could say the same for Nakia's bottom but the water temp is too darn cold. Still at only 68 degrees. Friends of ours did their bottom today and he said even after two coffees with Baileys, he was still freezing. Also before we left the marina we tied Nakia up to the dock, took on water, and washed the decks. So we may be very slow, but we'll look good when all the other boats pass us.
The plan is to sail around Cabo Corrientes tomorrow and arrive in Chamela sometime on Wednesday. Will stay there one or more nights depending on the water temp. Hopefully we can get in and scrub the prop and bottom there.
I'll let John write about the whole fuel injection pump repair if he ever feels like it. It was expensive (he ended up ordering Yanmar parts from the States to expedite the repair), but once we got it back he did a great job of reinstalling it and getting the engine running again. It still needs some tweaking but he thinks it's good to go.
Great to be back on our way again!
Linda and John

{GMST}20|44.614|N|105|22.58|W|Anchored in front of new marina|La Cruz{GEND}