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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Free at last

Well we had sat on our butts long enough in PV that it didn't make sense to stick around for something as trivial as my birthday. So we hit the road yesterday and managed to make it around the Cabo Corrientes to one of our favorite winter hang outs: Isla Passavera in Chamela Bay. I can't think of a better birthday really; 1) we sailed 17 of the 23 hours it took to get here including two spinnaker reaches and 2) the six hours that we spent under power went just as we'd hoped and the motor ran like a top. So I guess you could say I had a stupendous birthday, right down to the hump back whale that leapt from the water not 50 feet from the boat as we sailed along at 6 knots.
Other highlights of the trip include:
1) a huge hump back whale show with a dozen or more animals breaching and fluking
2) sighting about 10 sea turtles
3) dozens of Jack Cravalle (a big, hard hitting game fish) swimming along in NAKIA's wake
4) the Southern Cross peeking out from behind the clouds just before sunrise
5) being the only boat at the Chamela bay islands, even though there are 20 boats at the town anchorage

John, Linda and Ziggy

{GMST}19|33.537|N|105|06.647|W|Free at last|Isla Passavera{GEND}