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Monday, November 28, 2005

La Paz

28 November 2005
Marina Palmira

As usual when we get into a marina we are kept busy by a list of boat chores and the social whirlwind of the cruising community. This has been an especially busy marina stay because it's our first since the beginning of September and will be our last possibly until the end of March. So we're taking advantage of unlimited fresh water and electrical power to clean up before heading over to the mainland.

John has finished stripping the caprail, bulwarks, and eyebrow. We talked about varnishing and painting it, but since we have a can of Cetol we'll probably go back to that on the caprail. We'll try leaving the bulwarks bare this time around. We've also cleaned out the chain locker, and will be breaking down and washing the dinghy. It's kind of a belated Spring cleaning time for us right now.

Which hasn't been helped by the north winds blasting through La Paz at the moment. If this isn't an official "screaming norther," I'd hate to see what one of those looks like. The channel outside the marina is white with breaking waves and the Port Captain officially closed the harbor this morning to boats less than 500 tons. A Newport 30 (See Ya, a Ha-Ha boat) tried to come in here last night and ended up on the beach without its keel and rudder. The cruisers rallied to help the owner strip it before the locals could, but since the boat itself is no longer worth the cost of the repairs required, it will most likely be scrapped.

There's supposed to be a break in the weather later this week and we are scheduled to check out of the marina on Friday. We are definitely getting out of here before the next norther comes through. With temps at night dipping into the mid to low 60's it's time for us to head south!

Linda and John

P.S. We were thrilled to see the beautiful Hans Christian 43, Panache (formerly Susie L.), in Marina de La Paz this morning. We've known this boat since joining the Hans Christian Owners Association 14 years ago, and it was nice to meet her new owner, Ken. We hope to catch up with them again on the mainland.