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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Headed South

October 19, 2005
Bahia San Francisquito (BSF)
28 degrees 26 minutes N, 112 degrees 52 minutes W (about 50 miles south of BLA)

We spent two very restful nights in Puerto Don Juan, and the day before yesterday we decided to take a favorable wind to make our final getaway from BLA (Bahia de Los Angeles). It was a 10 mile run to Ensenada el Alacran where we had stopped before in September (this time all the yurts were full of vacationers!). We knew we'd need to make an o-dark-thirty departure for our run to BSF and, since Alacran has an open entrance with no major obstacles, this was a good anchorage from which to make our jump to BSF. We had a nice walk on the beach, and a swim in the ever colder water (down to 74.7 degrees there).

The reason for our 0400 departure from Alacran this morning was to catch a favorable tide for most of the 40 mile trip. We motor-sailed in light air for four hours before shutting down the engine and sailing the rest of the way. We both had to wear our fleece jackets this morning until the sun came up! The cool breeze has made hiking much nicer, but is not so great for swimming now. SolMate made the trip from BLA with us, and Slip Away, Kay II, and Ceilidh should catch up in a day or two. If not, we all have a date to rendezvous in Santa Rosalia for hot dogs!

Linda and John