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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Welcome to Mexico, Rev 2

La Paz, Baja California del Sur
April 2, 2005

We arrived in La Paz right on schedule and tied up in a slip at Marina de La Paz. As usual, since we're in a marina, we immediately set to work knocking items off our 'to do' list. We went shopping, walked around town to get the lay of the land and even got fitted for full lycra dive suits which we'll use this summer in the Sea of Cortez as protection from stinging jelly fish.

As we walked around town it became obvious that Baja Mexico is far different from mainland Mexico. It seems like more people own cars, there's more traffic. The sidewalks are in better shape then mainland Mexico. The air is very dry, being desert country, and not humid like the mainland. The water is clearer and it gets colder at night.

The best part, from my point of view, is freshly made flour tortillas. The food in Mexico is very regional, in some areas it seems everyone is selling a specific dish and 100 miles away it's rarely offered. This is the way it is with flour tortillas, they are more popular in the north which means in the south you can only get factory made flour tortillas. La Paz is the first place we've found where flour tortillas are made at the tortillaria along with corn tortillas. There is _nothing_ like a flour tortilla hot off the griddle!

Our marina stay is almost up. We bought five nights just to get some errands done, and then we'll be moving out to the islands. We'll return to La Paz by the 18th. Then we'll travel by bus from La Paz to the States via Tijuana (20 hours, plus walking across the border to catch the trolley into San Diego) to renew our tourist visas and make some needed purchases. Sound's like fun, doesn't it?

John and Linda