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Monday, March 28, 2005

Underway to La Paz

March 28, 2005
At Sea

We left Mazatlan this morning at the oppressive hour of 0300. This in an attempt to get out away from the coast before the land breezes kick in. We expect to be in La Paz by night fall Wednesday.

We've all ready had some neat experiences on this passage, first there have been rays jumping clear out of the water all around us since we left. Probably one every couple of minutes. Some quite close to the boat. Second I caught a Sierra Mackerel, which I thought the book said 'excellent' under edibility but it turns out they're just 'good'. We'll see tonight.

We walked around Mazetlan yesterday, even though it was Easter Sunday the Mercado was open as were most of the downtown department stores. We had lunch, bought a few provisions for the trip and generally watched the all the Mexican families enjoying their vacation on the coast.

John and Linda