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Friday, July 06, 2012

Zenith day

Being just below the tropic of cancer, Mazatlan has its 'Zenith Day' right around the summer solstice. That's the day that the sun, at noon, will be exactly overhead. I was out the other day and was able to take a picture of the moment when the sun was pretty close to being directly overhead. The picture would probably have been more impressive if it were taken in a country were the lamp posts are installed plumb and square, but you get the idea. The inset is a close up of the shadow from the top of the light.

For what it's worth, there are actually two 'Zenith Days', one before the solstice and another after as the sun has crept to its highest point in the sky and then returns south. But the difference in the sun's angle is pretty small here in Mazatlan. By the way, don't expect to learn more by looking up 'Zenith Day' on the internet. I made it up :-)