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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Isla Pedro Gonzales

We had a nice lazy sail (jib only) from Bayoneta to PG over some more shallow depths in murky water to get out of the Casaya-Viveros island area. Then we were back in deep water (70-90') again and could relax for awhile. PG is another island with a couple of white sand beaches backed by several palm trees. The beaches in this area disappear at high tide when the water reaches all the way up to the rock or tree line. We've been timing our visits to arrive at the end of a falling tide, and it's amazing to see how quickly the beach is covered again by the rising tide. The white sand is especially beautiful and quite a contrast to the fine grey sand we've found in deeper water, which is very sticky and holds shoes and anchors extremely well.

In addition to the murky water, we've been stung a few times each by something like a string-of-pearls jellyfish. I'm not sure that's what it actually is, but it's a yellowish string of something and stings for awhile. Fortunately the sting is gone by dinner time so it's more annoying than painful. Last night we had a great show of mobulas, the rays that look like baby mantas. There were a couple of dozen swimming around the anchorage with their wing-tips occasionally breaking the surface, and a sometimes jumping in the air making a nice plopping splash.

Someone is making a fantastic effort to keep the beaches here free of garbage. The mangroves and other brush have obviously been cleared back from around the palms at the beach. The guidebook says that there are some plantations nearby, but we're not sure why they would keep up the beaches unless it's to promote visits from tour boats. Whatever the reason, it's a lovely change from the most of the other beaches.

Linda and John