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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pictures of Bahia

I've added a link to pictures in the recent "Beaching Batwing" post, and I've also added a brief description of John's "hospital" stay with pictures dated May 21 (so go back to the May posts to see that one).

Here are some nice views of Bahia de Caraquez from the top of the cross on a hill above PA. The cross has stairs in it letting you climb to the top to get even higher above the trees.


John doesn't like this way of doing pictures and prefers to have them in the blog itself. But it's much easier and faster for me to use the Picassa links so maybe we'll try to do a little of both.

Yesterday we had a delicious almuerzo with Iwa at Hugo's. We still can't get over the fact that they can serve us a full meal for less than $2.

I'm continuing to take yoga classes three times a week. They're in Spanish so I'm gradually learning the parts of the body. I hope to start taking Tai Chi from a gringo guy the other two days of the week, with weekends off for other activities. John sometimes goes for a long walk while I'm in class, and Monday mornings we can walk to Leonidis Plaza for the street market. Yesterday I found a pair of Bill Blass denim capris in perfect condition for a whopping $5. Your Goodwill donations at work!

Everyone we meet here is so friendly and eager to engage us in conversation or to help us find whatever it is we're looking for. We're really enjoying this bustling town and all it has to offer.