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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Day 1, Ecuador Passage

0600 Tuesday, May 6

A starlit night so bright that I saw a piece of white plastic trash lit up against the glassy ocean. The southern cross like a beacon off our bow as we finally head due south (after so much easting, southeasting, and even northing). Dolphins making an occasional brief visit (weird how we can hear them so well through the toilet!). No lightning or rain yet, although we saw some of the latter under one or two clouds off in the distance. The rain clouds show up well on radar, but so far they are few and far apart so we're able to skirt them. And we had enough wind yesterday to sail 6.5 hours. Not much but we're anxious to get through the convection as quickly as possible before we relax and take things easy.

Nautical miles covered: 112
Water Temp: 82 degrees
18 hours motoring, 6 hours sailing

Linda and John