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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Punta de Amapala, El Salvador

We dropped our mooring buoy at Barillas Marina Club at 5:00 AM for the two hour trip out the estuary and over the river bar. Angel led us out with his panga and we were followed by Brisa and Beaudacious, two much faster boats than Nakia. The slowest boat has to go first or it will get left behind which is probably a pain for the fast boats. Brisa was chomping at the bit and finally passed us when we were through the worst of the sloppy waves. And our nice boat wash was all for nothing as we watched the bow sprit plow straight down into a couple of big troughs, throwing spray back off both sides.

We handed Angel a small tip for providing his services so early in the morning, raised sail, shut off the engine, and sailed the entire rest of the way to an anchorage just inside of Amapala between Punta las Mueludas and Playa el Tamarindo. This is just an okay anchorage (we had to set the rocker stopper), but served our purposes for setting the hook before sunset. We were joined by our friends Jeff and Debbie on Sailor's Run who are trying to talk us into going to San Lorenzo, Honduras which is near Puerto Henecan. This is up another estuary, and we're not sure we want to go that far out of our way, but it could be an adventure so we may do it!

Linda and John