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Friday, August 24, 2007

Welcome Ziggy Stardust!

24 August 2007
Puerto Don Juan

Nakia has a new crew member: a two month old mostly white kitten with blue eyes. We adopted him a week ago from the local animal rescue volunteer, and he's small for his age because he'd been left to fend for himself. We're going through adorable baby phase, when he actually looks like he belongs to the space aliens in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". But we think he's pretty cute and our lives now revolve around his waking and sleeping moments. Fortunately he sleeps through the night without a peep (for now), and already knows what "No!" means (with a water squirt bottle as backup). We'll post a gallery of Ziggy photos when we get internet access for the laptop (probably not until the fall), and you can email us if you want the long version of how we got him.

We're not doing much else besides playing with Ziggy, supervising his on deck activities (we have a kitty overboard plan and hope we don't have to use it, though it's probably inevitable), reading, and taking our afternoon swim when weather permits. We're looking forward to hooking up with friends who are bringing kitten supplies up from Santa Rosalia so that we can keep this baby healthy and happy. We'll be going into the village tomorrow for fresh veggies and then down to La Mona in the southern part of the Bahia for the annual Full Moon party with the summer gang.

Linda, John, and Ziggy