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Monday, May 21, 2007

Day Sail

21 May 2007
San Evaristo, Baja

After spending two peaceful and bug-free nights in the north anchorage here, we decided to take a ride across the San Jose channel to Punta Salinas just north of Amortajada where we were last. There's an endless beach on that side and a large salt pond operation just over the dunes. We were a little concerned after a boat departed south and then immediately returned after deciding they didn't like pounding into the 2-3' wind chop, but we were headed east and figured it would be a good sailing breeze.

It only took an hour to cross the channel to Isla San Jose but instead of finding flatter water and calmer breezes in the lee of the island it was still a little rolly from a wrap around Punta Salinas. We decided to anchor anyway and after lunch John rowed us ashore in the dinghy. The salt ponds appeared to be in operation with about 20 bags of salt in one corner, but it being Sunday there was no one around to chase us off. We walked across the raised berms to the south side of the point for a look at half a dozen dilapidated buildings and a few rusted trucks and pieces of machinery. A cursory search of both beaches for paper nautilus turned up nothing but a still rotting pilot whale carcass. Hmmm, we may have to return in a month or two...

We had a pleasant sail back across the channel to San Evaristo with lighter winds and a big swell to catch us on the beam every now and then. Even though it's one of our favorite anchorages, we have decided that we won't be visiting the hook at Isla San Francisco this trip because everyone is reporting large chop and heavy wind there. We are very cozy here with virtually no roll and only light breezes. John is working on sewing projects this morning and we'll probably take a hike this afternoon. We're happy to stay here until we decide to mosey up farther north.

Linda and John