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Thursday, January 25, 2007

16th Anniversary

25 January 2007
Marina Mazatlan

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes today. It's our 16th wedding anniversary which, as every boat owner knows, is a fiberglass year. We marked the occasion by epoxying two layers of the precious cloth to Nakia's foredeck over the foam core filling the insert where there used to be teak deck. John laid the glass as fast as I could mix the two part epoxy (15-20 squirts of each at a time), and we managed to finish it all before Noon. We donned our best work clothes, latex gloves, and industrial strength respirators for the festive morning, and many a neighbor strolled by to pass on glad tidings and murmured approvals over our gift of fiberglass. We're taking pictures of every stage of the deck job and as soon as the Project Manager has time he will post them for your edification.

This afternoon I cooked up a batch of tamale pie (see Alber's corn meal box for recipe) for an impromptu potluck dinner here in Marina Mazatlan. The upstairs lounge was packed with hungry cruisers ready to dive into a feast that left no one hungry. Many thanks to Dave and Sally on S/V Hopalong for announcing the time and place on the local VHF net, and to everyone else for cooking their hearts out for our special day (even if they didn't know it). Sally had intended to hold the potluck Friday, but I talked her out of that night because of other plans we had. When she chose Thursday instead, I told her that worked for us, completely forgetting the date. It's hard to remember special days when every day here is a gift!

Linda and John