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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Drakes Bay in Mexico

January 26, 2005
Lizard Bay, Michoacan Coast, Mexico (18o 11' N 103o 07' W)

We made a night run from Isla Grande to Caleta de Campos on the 24th and had no problems other then a little head wind right out of the blocks. That finally died down, the land breeze kicked in, and we were able to sail a couple hours before we dropped the hook in the little bay south of the town of Caleta de Campos. It's so beautiful there, 150 foot high red sandstone bluffs stand above a one mile long beach with a 30 ft red sandstone rock set right in the middle of the beach. The town sits scattered through the bluffs overlooking the bay and the ocean. The only bad thing about the bay is the amount of roll from the Pacific swell that runs in almost unimpeded. We made the best of it and spent the afternoon, our wedding anniversary, swimming and walking on the beach.

Somehow we managed to get some sleep and got underway the next morning bound for Manzanillo. Everything was going well until about 1200 when the wind started to crank up from dead ahead. I set sail but after an hour of bashing into the chop it was time to look for someplace to relax. Anchorages are few and far between on the Michoacan coast, but it just so happened that as I was thinking "Man, this really sucks," we were passing a small bight called Lizard Bay (Pichilinguillo). We reefed the main, bore off for the coast and 30 minutes later were anchored behind a rocky point in 35 ft of water on 200 ft of chain. The wind is blowing 22-27 but we're pretty snug. It's just like being in Drakes Bay except without the cow smell and it's 83 degrees instead of 60.

We'll stay here until things die down and make another try for Manzanillo tonight or tomorrow. There's one small anchorage 15 miles north of here, Muruata, which we can duck into if this heavy wind keeps up, other than that there's nothing until Manzanillo 80 miles up the coast. Lets hope for light winds!

John and Linda